Keynote Speaker

Whether you are a small or large business, let’s connect to discuss topics that will achieve your company’s potential. We can strategize goals, focus on setting you apart from the competition, and invest in your greatest asset – your employees!

When they come here, they’re coming because of an integrity that we’ve established over the years.

Walt Disney

Leadership Magic | Disney U

I was asked by distinguished author and speaker, Doug Lipp, to partner with him on bringing the lessons of his book,  “Disney U”, to you! A culture of significance is deliberate, meaningful, and powerful. Leadership Magic training provides you an opportunity to ‘peer into the windows’ of your organization; What do people see? What could be improved? Let’s work on the values that form the foundation of your organization.

Global Marketplace

I have created strong relationships with companies in the Global marketplace. Speaking to global audiences has provided me with insight to help you and your company prosper in the global sector. Let’s ensure that your brand competes effectively in the global marketplace.

Virtual Environments

How many meetings have you attended in which someone participated via phone or video? How many team members, clients, vendors don’t reside within the four walls of your work location? My expertise in virtual environments can support you as your team transitions to a virtual or mixed workforce environment. Let’s create a transition plan and discuss how to excel in a remote learning environment.



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